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Staying healthy on the road: Top tips

September 7, 2023

for BMS Engineers BMS engineers are constantly on the move, traveling between sites to ensure site efficiency across multiple projects and deliver seamless customer service.

With such a busy schedule – and one that demands a lot of time on the road – it's essential to prioritise health and well-being during these journeys. Here are some practical tips to help fellow BMS engineers stay healthy, motivated, and at the top of their game while on the move.

1. Plan ahead for balanced nutrition: It's easy to rely on fast food and convenience snacks when travelling, but a little planning can go a long way. Pack healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and granola bars to curb hunger and avoid energy crashes. And remember, staying hydrated is crucial – always keep a refillable water bottle with you. It sounds simple, but it works.

2. Incorporate short workouts: Sitting for extended periods can take a toll on our bodies. Incorporate short, effective workouts into your routine to help combat this. Even a brisk walk, a few minutes of stretching, or a quick set of bodyweight exercises can boost your energy levels and keep you focused.

3. Prioritise restful sleep: Often easier said than done alongside a busy work schedule and family life – but when juggling travel and work, you really shouldn’t compromise on sleep. Quality rest is essential for optimal performance. Invest in comfortable travel accessories like neck pillows and eye masks and aim for consistent sleep patterns to keep your body and mind as refreshed and focused as possible.

4. Utilise technology for motivation: Listening to your favourite podcast, audiobook, or even a motivating playlist during your travels can lift your spirits and keep you engaged. With a lot of time spent on the road, travel time can be an opportunity to learn and develop your knowledge and skillset – as well as relax, or simply unwind.

5. Try to adopt a mindful mindset: Travel can often be stressful. Adopting a mindful mindset can help make a tonne of difference, especially if you get stuck in traffic or encounter frustrating delays. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or even engage in positive affirmations to maintain mental clarity and manage stress. It might sound or feel silly, but anything that helps lower your blood pressure and calm your mind will have a considerable effect on your immediate, and long-term, health and wellbeing.

6. Make the most of downtime: Between site visits, you might find yourself with pockets of downtime. Instead of scrolling aimlessly, use this time wisely. Read industry articles, catch up on professional development, or connect with colleagues to exchange ideas.

7. Stay connected: While travelling, it's easy to feel disconnected. Keep in touch with your team, whether through regular check-ins or virtual meetings. Feeling part of a supportive network can boost your motivation and productivity and keep your energy levels lifted on long journeys.

Balancing the demands of a BMS engineer with maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road is not only achievable but essential.

Making a few small changes to your daily routine can enhance overall well-being, helping you to stay motivated, and continue delivering your best. Safe travels and stay healthy!Interested in learning more about the opportunities available BMSI? Visit our careers page to learn more.