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Did you know that BMSI offer nation-wide support?

June 14, 2022

One of the few solutions providers in the UK to over full national coverage across both public and private enterprises, BMSI currently has over 1,154 live active projects across the UK.

Operating as an industry leader in the BeMS sector for over 30 years, BMSI is utilising technological innovation to make buildings smarter, more efficient, and ultimately, more sustainable.

What’s more, BMSI’s remote technical centre (aptly named MediCentre) appears to be the new blueprint for a support service that provides customers with a 360 view - and remote control - over their buildings, as well as carry out proactive interventions based on real-time issues remotely. Not only does this new era of energy management better protect staff, but it also allows businesses to better achieve their environmental goals and helps reduce energy costs in the process.

Delivering services and support packages for schools, prisons, hospitals, police, fire and rescue services, and MoD installations in the public sector, as well as across high-profile private enterprises, BMSI’s innovations can meet a client’s individual needs. Be that installation of an initial SMART solution all the way through to a managed service, all with a real focus on making a building energy efficient in real-time.

Learn more by taking a look at some of our latest case studies. Here you’ll see why Hampshire County Council are especially impressed by BMSI’s MEDIC software. Or, how implementing a Smart Building’s solution enabled 40 Spring Gardens [hyperlink to case study] to deliver a 20% utility year-on-year saving.

For more information about the project installations, support services and integrated energy management solutions BMSI provide, get in touch here.