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BMSI put Employee Safety First with Revolutionary Security System

June 19, 2018

BMSI is one of the foremost Building Controls Companies in the UK, and staff are our most important asset. Our engineers are often required to work alone in potentially dangerous environments and their well being is of paramount of importance to us.

As a responsible employer, BMSI researched innovative solutions to the lone worker problem to ensure that the safety of our employees was at the forefront of our company ethos. As a result, the system that we now employ is at the technological forefront of ensuring staff safety across all of our sites.

BMSI started using the service (provided by Skyguard) in 2017, opting for the most advanced personal safety device, the MySOS Mandown.BMSI Director, James Smith, describes how employees benefit from using the system:

“BMSI holds a strong belief in ensuring the safety of our employees, and these devices ensure they can be confident that there is always someone looking after them in an emergency. The technology used by the ground-breaking device has revolutionised the safeguarding of BMSI staff. Reportable accident frequency rates have plummeted since we started using the system - which is great for us, but is also a massive boost for our staff who can work onsite knowing that they are being looked after 24/7.”

These devices have the ability to raise an alarm in an instant – and if a lone worker is injured in a trip or fall, the alarm is automatically raised when the device senses a sudden impact. The device also demonstrates enhanced performance in poor signal areas and has a two-way voice calling feature for incapacitated workers who require assistance.

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