Festival Place

Festival Place

“The cumulative impact of these measures was astounding — a remarkable -18% reduction in overall energy consumption. Festival Place’s commitment to environmental best practices and sustainability had taken a substantial leap forward.”

The Scapel

“Carbon reduction holds significant importance in our sustainability efforts. We are proud to report that the Carbon emissions at Chaucer Group HQ have been consistently decreasing…

52 Lime Street

“The energy platform visualizations show a 13.99% reduction over the previous three months and a whopping 25.23% reduction over the next three months...

York Street

"Since 2021 we have partnered with BMSI to deliver a pathway to Carbon Net Zero for properties within our Aviva Manchester Cluster portfolio. We have seen an average of 34.67% consumption reduction across all of our buildings,…

40 Spring Gardens

"Implementing a Smart Buildings solution within our Manchester cluster, was our No 1 mission in 2021. Partnering with BMSI has allowed us to deliver a robust management strategy and upgrades to key property BMS solutions at 40 Spring Gardens, thus delivering a forecasted 20% utility year-on-year saving.”


"I am impressed by the technical knowledge, attention to detail and dedication show by the BMSI Project Team throughout the successful live upgrade of the Building Management System atone of our largest UK sites. ...”

Hampshire County Council

“With the cost of energy going up and budgets being reduced, it was important that HCC had an Energy Management tool that allowed both them and their premises managers to take control of energy use in their buildings.”

The Scalpel

“The BMSI team has really added value to 52 Lime Street utilising their MEDIC platform which is not an out-of-the-box analytic solution but is scalable to target in closer detail any asset/item of plant."

Macallan Distillery

"BMSI have been working with Edrington at the Macallan Distillery since 2016 and continue to do so. Since starting the BMS Project works in the Macallan visitors centre, we have found BMSI to be excellent on safety, engaged and displayed a very thorough BMS industry knowledge."
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