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BMSI Shortlisted as BCIA Awards 2020 Finalist!

BMSI is delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2020 Building Controls Industry Awards in the Energy Management Award.


The BCIA Awards have been recognising outstanding innovations, effectual project delivery and advanced product development across the controls and BEMS industry for many years and we are thrilled to announce that our work in helping Heathrow Airport to successfully lower their carbon footprint has been recognised by the panel for this year’s Energy Management Award.


Commenting on the announcement, and looking ahead to the event itself, BMSI Sales Director, James Smith, commented:


“We look forward to attending the BCIA’s next month – the event is always a highlight for the team to enjoy and will no doubt be a great evening of celebration for all.


Being recognised as finalists in such a  strong category continues to mark 2020 as a hugely successful and progressive year for BMSI and we feel extremely confident of our credentials as an Energy Management Award finalist. As we continue to expand upon and develop the innovative work employed at Heathrow, Terminal 5 by our exceptional team, the BCIA’s will be the perfect opportunity to reflect upon a successful project and toast to an even more exciting year ahead.”


To learn more about the initiatives deployed at Heathrow, Terminal 5 and how they’ve contributed to the reduction in energy usage at the airport, click here.




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BMSI Help Heathrow to reduce Carbon Footprint

Heathrow Airport is a huge consumer of electrical power and as such any initiative that works to reduce electrical energy saves the airport considerable sums of money, and improves their carbon footprint.

One area of focus is the HVAC controls and the Air Handling Units in particular.  Even small adjustments to these systems can significantly improve the working environment and passenger areas.

To contribute to reducing energy usage at Heathrow Airport, BMSI identified where the most energy was being consumed and subsequently the most appropriate units to install for the most efficient upgrade.

The traditional belt-driven fan motors were replaced with innovative energy-efficient EC Fan Motors. Then, using the existing Trend BMS controls, BMSI were able to further reduce the motor speeds and keep the working environment for passenger areas.

Benefits have not only been the reduction in noise from the change of fans, but via the high level interfaces we now have a better understanding and control of the systems overall, with each EC fan being monitored via the Modbus interface.  This has been supplemented by other projects, including installing additional sensors to export all the Trend data to a Heathrow Global Scape SFTP server.

This has enabled the Trend BMS system configuration to be altered to further reduce the energy consumption at Terminal 5 and at the same time keeping the working passenger environments constant.

“BMSi have consistently provided an expert and professional service with regards to our Building Management Systems pan Airport. BMSi are always willing to help, no matter how complex the project is. They also provide a thorough understanding of Heathrow’s unique customer base. Their professionalism runs throughout the company from the Engineers on the shop floor through to their administration team and project managers. BMSI always going that extra mile to ensure Heathrow have optimised HVAC controls, as demonstrated in the recent EC Fans project that is saving 10Gwh per year and therefore £1.2 million on this project alone.  I look forward to continuing to work with BMSI.”

Andy Dobbs, Energy Project Manager, Heathrow Airport.

BMSI is a leading systems integrator of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), for more information about the project installations, support services and integrated energy management solutions they provide, visitthe rest of site here.


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