Web-Based Energy & BMS Management Platform

MEDIC, our web-based energy management platform, enables users to access real-time and historic energy, BEMS and environmental data.

Our interactive, browser-based user interface means that MEDIC can be used to manage and analyse data, build and schedule reports and configure notifications. MEDIC is a flexible, scalable solution, suitable for multi-site, multi-utility, corporate customers as well as standalone, single-site installations. The key functionality of MEDIC lies in the management and presentation of data.


  • Instant recognition of excessive energy consumption with proactive alerts provides opportunities for increased profitability
  • Automatic reporting and remote planned preventative maintenance means reduced operational expenditure
  • Log book facility enables ROI tracking for energy-saving initiatives
  • BEMS Control Performance monitoring gives early identification of energy wastage and hardware inefficiencies
  • Comprehensive energy consumption reporting across a portfolio of sites and buildings helps achieve ESOS and ISO 5001 compliance


User-defined cockpits and customised dashboards

Online access to MEDIC means that you don’t need to download, store and manage PC-based software or have a dedicated PC. MEDIC can be configured to store customer charts, widgets and custom images. The MEDIC cockpit features a customisable interactive display for viewing metering, sub-metering, renewable energy, weather and BEMS information.

The MEDIC dashboard presents information from multi-utility metering and sub-metering points for a single or multiple site, displayed on a PC, screen or through a link on a corporate website.

Data analysis and benchmarking

The MEDIC charting tool provides all options associated with a standard M&T package as well as advanced charting functionality. The charting tool gives users the ability to report, compare and quantify their energy data for each monitoring point, activity area or for the entire site.

Customised reporting

MEDIC’s customised reporting makes data more accessible and readable. The reporting functionality is an intuitive, all-in-one tool that allows users to monitor and analyse energy, environmental and BEMS data. The highly interactive user interface makes compiling reports simpler and faster.

Automated alarm notifications

The notification tool monitors energy and BEMS data against user-specified conditions. The tool generates alarms via SMS and/or email, so that over-usage and hardware faults can be identified as soon as possible. Early alarm identification can optimise potential savings. Notification rules can be configured to check and cross-reference multiple conditions.