Tailored, expert and cost-effective support

Our approach to end-user, Facilities Management and M&E customers begins with a thorough understanding of their goals. We always tailor our service options to deliver the best solutions and our flexible approach means cost-effective solutions, higher maintenance standards and increased customer satisfaction.

As one of the UK’s leading integrators of BEMS, our maintenance and support solutions currently account for approximately 60% of our  business.


•  Energy Savings: BEMS maintenance can reduce energy waste by at least 10%

•  Simplicity: integrated service and support solutions

•  Confidence: BEMS engineering expertise and manufacturer accreditation

•  Choice: the right service level for your specific BEMS requirements


We are experienced in meeting customers’ diverse BEMS maintenance needs across a broad range of sectors.

We identify the right strategy and help customers meet their targets to achieve long-term savings, making their buildings work smarter.

Savings: reduce energy waste

Restoring an underperforming BEMS to full functionality typically reduces energy consumption by at least 10%. Your plant, and the equipment controlled by the BEMS, will also last longer and perform better, with fewer breakdowns.

Your resource efficiency will improve since your maintenance engineers can focus on optimising your system instead of ‘firefighting’ building environment issues.

Simplicity: integrated solutions

We offer a portfolio of services to solve a wide range of energy management challenges and we can integrate all of your energy requirements.

We are trusted by over 400 satisfied customers across the UK, to provide integrated maintenance and support solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

Confidence: engineering expertise

Our engineers are highly trained on leading manufacturer controls and combine proactive communication and quality control. We provide 24/7/365 nationwide support for our entire customer base via our regional offices. Maintenance Service is delivered through a large network of field engineers and an established MediCentre (BMSI’s remote technical centre) support team, staffed by experienced BEMS technical engineers.

You will receive the full support of best-in-class BEMS controls engineers, Energy Champions, the MediCentre Manager, your Contract Manager and Regional Management support staff, as needed.

Choice: the right service level

We customise our service offerings to match your maintenance requirements to ensure that our customers receive a high quality, cost-effective solution. Whether you want planned maintenance on a labour-only basis, or you’re an operator for a multi-site plc wanting MediCentre (BMSI’s remote technical centre) support, we will design a maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs.