Wayne Chilcott

Regional Manager,
BMSI South West & Wales

What three words would you use to describe your role at BMSI?




What does a typical day look like for you at BMSI?

First thing in the morning there is the usual daily mayhem of dealing with e-mails, followed by making any calls for urgent or pressing matters. The rest of the morning is then usually taken up by reviewing the status of current and ongoing projects and dealing with any operational issues that have arisen.

Everyday I also check in with our engineers to make sure they’re happy and have everything they require complete the job-in-hand at any particular time. Other elements of the day inlcude liaising with the office admin team regarding engineers current and future workload and scheduling accordingly, co-ordinating project and support sales resources, plus carrying out management reporting details as required.

If you could switch jobs with someone at BMSI, who would it be?

John Mogg!!!!! Down to three days a week and aiming for retirement – what more could you want ?

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Of the utmost importance is always maintaining the high standards of customer service expected of BMSI, even when faced with any interim resourcing issues – luckily with the team and systems we have in place, this challenge is somewhat of a breeze to tackle!

In addition to this, a significant challenge is to drive the continuing success of BMSI as we compete in an ever increasingly volatile market within the region – but it is a challenge that we relish and attack at full tilt!

What is the worst part of your job?

Excel spreadsheets, reports and timelines… they are definitely not the most enjoyable part of my job!

Which employee gives you the most help in your role?

Yvonne Griffiths and the other admin personnel at Daresbury Park – and also Lucy Cirket. It would be impossible to get through the month-end without this lot, so thank you very much ladies!

What would you change at BMSI?

Nothing at present, the BMSI clear vision of continued growth and team effort seems to be working – so if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it!!!!!

What will be the best thing about working at BMSI in 2018?

Maintaining the continued growth within the Wales and South West region and seeing the team flourish in line with that growth.

Plus to be part of BMSI’s exciting future and vision looking forward – £30 million by 2020! (Then hopefully retirement!!!!!!)

What advice would you give to new entrants into the company?

I would advise any new employees to embrace the company vision and work hard towards the targets set for 2018 and onwards. I would also make them aware of the vast experience and brilliant resources available to them within the company to help make their day-to-day job role a lot easier.

Lastly I would advise them to contribute and buy into the company work ethic and help make BMSI the most successful independent BMS Company in the UK!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What Spare Time?????

I jest – Singing! I have been part of a Welsh Male Voice choir (Cor Meibion Morlais) for 17 years and have also travelled the world extensively, visiting America, Canada, Finland Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, France, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and of course that strange land over the bridge called England!!!!!

…and finally, what’s your Monday morning motto to get you through the week?

Pub opens at 5 on Friday…who’s coming!?!