Ben Summers

Midlands Business Development Manager

What three words would you use to describe your role at BMSI?




What does a typical day look like for you at BMSI?

My days are rarely the same, one day I could be working with and meeting customers on site, and the next day I’ll be preparing proposals and quotes. It’s really important that I’m able to spend lots of time with my customers, so I always ensure that I have time in my diary every week to allow for that.

I work closely with the Regional Manager and National Sales Manager, so we are usually in contact every day, reviewing the status and progress of opportunities and projects to help keep the business moving forward.

If you could switch jobs with someone at BMSI, who would it be?

Tough question! But I’d like the challenge of managing and delivering sales nationally, dealing  with a diverse set of customers and the challenges that it would bring!

What are your biggest professional challenges?

My two biggest challenges since I’ve been at BMSI are; trying to ensure we give our customers the right solution to match requirements and also listening to and understanding what our customers are saying.

What is also doubly important, is having appropriate knowledge of the technology to ensure a smooth project delivery. It can also be tough getting to know the right people within, what are often, very large organisations, this can also be very time consuming. Thankfully, I’m very lucky to have a great team around me or who very supportive, and really know their stuff!

What is the worst part of your job?

I’m a few months in, and I’m yet to find a worst part!

Which employee gives you the most help in your role?

I’ve had so much help across the business since I started, but Phil Angus, Jen Johnson and Irene Deakin have been absolutely brilliant in their support.

What would you change at BMSI?

Being relatively new here at BMSI,  I’m still learning about the business – however, I would say that change shouldn’t happen just for the sake of it. We should develop our products and systems based on what our customers are asking for and adapt and move foward from there.

What will be the best thing about working at BMSI in 2019?

It’s been an amazing start to 2019 for BMSI, and I feel like we are just getting started!

I am looking forward to developing the relationships I’ve already made, and getting to know my team even better.

What advice would you give to new entrants into the company?

Everyone that I’ve met is very friendly, so don’t be afraid to talk to people, ask lots of questions and get involved.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I amm currently training for a Tough Mudder with 6 other friends (something which was agreed upon after one too many beers!) so you’ll find me in the gym a fair bit at the moment in preparation.

I love music too, so I try to get to plenty of gigs and also love spending plenty of time with my friends and family.

…and finally, what’s your Monday morning motto to get you through the week?

I don’t have a motto but I like to start my week by thinking about the days ahead and what I need to achieve.

I also review the previous week and analyse what I did and didn’t achieve and reflect upon how I can improve moving forward. I then have a big mug of coffee and set about my day!