Welcome to our remote technical centre, enabling BMSI to offer an extensive suite of energy and control services.

MediCentre offers BMSI customers a wide range of services that provide a full lifecycle service and create a holistic view of our customers’ energy efficiency.

Our MediCentre technology focuses on the acquisition, analysis and presentation of energy and BEMS control data from a variety of sources, using our innovative in-house software platform, MEDIC.

MediCentre’s advanced features include:

  • Remote condition-based maintenance solution
  • Continuous BEMS performance monitoring
  • Remote reactive fault interrogation
  • Wide range of manufacturers supported


  • Extensive suite of energy management and BEMS services from host to 360 analytics

  • A holistic overview of our customers’ energy efficiency

  • Proactive support 24/7/365

  • Minimum impact to building occupants and energy consumption

  • MediCentre support is delivered using MEDIC, our in-house software platform



BMSI respond to our customers’ needs, our approach is to work in partnership with customers to build long-term relationships. BMSI are a valued partner to the majority of main BEMS suppliers, covering 85% of the UK’s installed BMS market.


Our MEDIC platform provides energy management support services which are available from host only to a fully managed, 365 service. BMSI’s energy analyser service includes specialist advice on plant efficiency initiatives and energy usage optimisation.


Our BEMS controls services include options for reactive and proactive support, providing round-the-clock issue investigation and resolution, to ensure minimum impact to building occupants and energy consumption.

Fully automated performance monitoring continuously checks BEMS and plant performance and provides advice on building efficiency improvements to ensure optimum operation.


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